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Frustrated when you throw away rubbish that could be recycled? Feeling the 'green guilt'?


RMS Logo trsnprnt.png
RMS Logo trsnprnt.png

Who are we?

Set up in early 2021 by a group of keen SW18 residents, we are a non-profit initiative that promotes, encourages and facilitates higher rates of recycling in our community, resulting in less waste sent for incineration.  


What do we hope to achieve?  

We aim to make recycling easier and, because you're doing it with your neighbours, fun. We would love you to join our recycling efforts. Every small change matters!

Girls Carrying a Recycling Bin

How do we do this?

Recycle More Southfields has teamed up with TerraCycle UK to collect hard-to-recycle materials such as crisp packets and home and beauty products. 

Alongside this, we encourage greater uptake of Wandsworth Council's recycling scheme which already takes a host of items such as glass and plastic bottles, paper and cans. 

We've also put together a map of local drop-off points for items such as inhalers and plastic bags. And we put on events to help you find out more about what happens to your rubbish.

All of this is great for the environment and great for the community spirit. Thank you to the Southfields Grid Residents Association for support and encouragement.



RMS Logo trsnprnt.png

Thank you for getting in touch!

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