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Frequently Asked Questions

If in doubt, the flyer and schedule are the best places to look first if you have any questions! The Recycle More Southfields WhatsApp group is also an incredibly helpful place to ask any questions you may have. Access can be requested here. 

As the same questions tend to crop up so frequently, below we have set out a few of those that are asked most often. Don't forget that there is a huge amount of information on our Instagram page too. 

What can be recycled by Wandsworth Council? 

It is possible to recycle a wide range of waste by utilising the existing Council recycling scheme. Glass, paper, cardboard, food and drink cartons, plastic bottles, tins and cans are accepted via clear sacks each week. The Council's website explains more here.  


Wandsworth recycling sacks can be ordered here

Where can I drop off recycling not accepted by the Council?

Recycle More Southfields has two drop off points - on Trentham Street and Sutherland Grove. Full details are provided when you join us!

What kinds of waste do you accept?

How do I know which week we are on?

Please see the 'accepted items' tab above for all products accepted and further details.  

It can be easy to lose track of weeks! A schedule setting out which week we are currently on (there are four weeks in total) can be found in the 'documents' section of the WhatsApp group, as well as on our Instagram stories. 

What is the best way to store and deliver the recycling to you?

Please do read the materials sent to you carefully when packaging up your recycling - TerraCycle can be very prescriptive about what it accepts. For instance, please ensure you rinse out containers first. Volunteers spend a long time sorting through items that are not suitable!

Often bread bags are used to package up recycling - this is handy as they can then be recycled themselves. Please separate each category of item - e.g. crisps separate from sweets, as this also saves a lot of time. 

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